What to see in Fukuroi City

Fukuroi City, the hometown to the 2019 Rugby World CupTM venue, Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA, once prospered as an inn town on the Old Tokaido Route. You can experience this historic period yourself at the numerous temples and historic buildings that dot the map in Fukuroi. You can enjoy aspects of all four seasons, including flowers, beautiful rice fields, beaches and mountains in the year-round warm Fukuroi climate.

A festival in which local residents pray for a bountiful crop and protection from disease is held in October, and will be held during the World Cup. We hope you will enjoy this festival, Fukuroi’s Autumn Festival as well as the Children’s Horseback Archery Festival.

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Historic local food

Right in the middle of the Old Tokaido.

Fukuroi once prospered as an inn-town located at the very center of the 53 stops of the Old Tokaido Route that were built in the Edo Period. The historic scene is still recognizable and we recommend seeing it during your stay! Also, tamagofuwafuwa, a dish that was once served as a morning meal at the Fukuroi inn,has been reimagined and is now available for you to try only in Fukuroi! It is available throughout Fukuroi City so feel free to try it during your stay!

Experience Don't just stay the night, experience Fukuroi for all its uniqueness!

Takigyo Meditation Experience

Takigyo is a discipline of Shintoism, Japanese mountain shamanism and Esoteric Buddhism where one recites chants while having a waterfall beat down on their shoulders. It is now performed for a variety of purposes such as concentration of the mind, cleansing of evil, stress relief and for performing Shinto or Buddhist prayers. You should definitely try this form of meditation that is unique to Japan, and perhaps even pray for your home team’s fortune in the Rugby World Cup.

Popular local food

Be sure to indulge in the local food available in Fukuroi, such as the original and hand selected coffee blends, and of course, ramen noodles, during your stay. Eating Hattasan Temple's yakuyoke dango on the mountain that the temple is located is very popular among locals and you cannot afford to miss it!

Details | Fukuroi city Tourism Association

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