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3 Day Homestay Package - Pricing and Details

3 day 2 night Homestay Package Pricing

¥27,400 per person + tax.

We are also open to requests regarding details of the package. Please contact us for details.

  • Includes 2 morning and 2 evening meals.
  • Includes 4 transport services. (see below)

Includes 24-hour Englishemergency support

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Ecopa Stadium Rugby Match Lineup

sat 28 sep Japan × Ireland

fri 4 Oct S.Africa × Italy

wed 9 Oct Scotland × Russia

fri 11 Oct Australia × Georgia

Check-in date Check-out date Number of registered
host families
27 Sep 2019 29 Sep 2019 Please contact us for more information.
3 Oct 2019 5 Oct 2019 Please contact us for more information.
8 Oct 2019 10 Oct 2019 Please contact us for more information.
10 Oct 2019 12 Oct 2019 Please contact us for more information.

★Please contact us for more information.

ーTransport 1
From the meeting place (JR Aino Sta.) to the homestay (Day 1)
ーTransport 2
From the homestay to JR Aino Sta. (Day 2)
ーTransport 3
From JR Aino Sta. taxi stand to the homestay by taxi (Day 2)
ーTransport 4
From the homestay to JR Aino Sta. (Day 3)

● Ecopa Stadium – Approx.
15 minute walk from Aino Station ●


All are Welcome in Fukuroi City!

Participants' Experiences on the Fukuroi Homestay Project

1. From Singapore

My host family welcomed me as a member of their family. They were very kind and we got to know each other very well. I felt so happy after participating in this Home-stay.

2. From Italy

Fukuroi reminds me of my hometown and I felt very at home while I was there. The city is beautiful with the ocean nearby and the landscape is a vibrant green with rice and tea fields.

3. From Korea

I went shopping at the supermarket with my host family. It was fun to see so many unusual things. I had a lot of fun making takoyaki with my host family in the evening.

4. From France

I went to a temple and castle and wore yukata. I was glad to be able to experience Japanese culture at first-hand.

5. From Rusia

I had the invaluable experience of seeing the everyday Japanese lifestyle up close. After dinner, my host family and I talked about each other’s countries and afterwards took a bath. I feel like I’ve gained a Japanese second family.


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