About Fukuroi City

Fukuroi City is located in the central-western region of Shizuoka Prefecture and is home to one of the 2019 Rugby World Cup venues, Shizuoka Stadium ECOPA. The population of the city is approximately 88,000. Fukuroi City has a strong agricultural industry and is home to the ‘Crown’ melon, regarded as the ‘king’ of fruit in Japan and also produces plenty of tea and rice. However, Fukuroi City is also easily accessible, similar to much larger urban cities, via National Highway 1, the Tokaido Shinkansen Line and the Tomei Expressway, giving it an ideal balance between urbanization and beautiful Japanese landscapes.

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About the Fukuroi Homestay Project

After Japan was chosen as the 2019 Rugby World Cup host country, the people of Fukuroi City came together to prepare to welcome guests from overseas. One of those things to prepare was the Fukuroi Homestay Project. Local residents opened their home to foreign guests as host families and participated in real homestay situations to prepare for 2019. Opportunities were made available for them to learn more about foreign cultures and languages and they have also put together a program that gives guests the opportunity to experience unique Japanese culture at first-hand in Fukuroi City.

Fukuroi City has also implemented activities to train junior language supporters.

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